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MH Blues news!!!! : It was a real honour to be asked to play at the 70th surprise birthday party for the blues legend Rab Mccullough. And boy was he surprised. A room full of his family friends and music colleagues including Lee Hedley speedy Mullan Rev doc, soul foundation mervyn crawford whom all gave great performances and terry hooley who dj'd for the night.
, RAB has an impressive record of achievements and has played with some of the world's best bands such as Crea...m, The rolling stones and Amy Winehouse band as well as open for other legends Rory Gallagher acdc and Jim Hendrix!! Wooh!! What a man full of musical wealth who shared some of that with us on stage last night. We loved every minute of that moment when we played with legend Rab McCullough !! Thank you so much for Having us. A moment we will treasure. Here's a snippet for you all to enjoy.!!…/belfast-blues-star-rab-m…

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