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Miss Madison update... What a great day today !!
, Today we went to see Madies pelvic doctor and see how she is progressing. He gave us great news. Madison is now allowed to put weight on her leg again. She is allowed to start walking !! This was amazing news and it was great to see the smile on Madies face. She still has to use the walker for support, her leg muscles are weak and it her leg is visibly smaller compared. Our biggest risk is still a fall and hitting her head so ...until physical therapy clears her she will still need some assistance. We have already scheduled her physical therapy appts. She picked a location in Spartanburg that specializes in athletes so that should help with the motivation. Her doctor also said she should have no issues in the future playing sports and said that her pelvic would give her no issues for child birth WAY WAY WAY down the line !!
, In other news. Madie got her test score back from her History Final. She got a B. With some quiz grades and her original grade from the class looks like she’s gonna finish the class with an A. We are thankful to her at home history teacher and the Brynes High School for making things so easy and convenient for Madie to complete her junior year. Now her eyes are on her senior year and it looks like Madison will be walking into school now. She is so excited !!!
, Right now she’s getting a follow up MRI. Just the continuation for the Traumatic Brain Injury. Next week she has an EEG scheduled. And we will then continue with out patient rehab.
, Thanks as always to all of you for your love and support.
, #MadisonStrong

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