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Do you believe everything that is on the TV is true? of course not.
, Do you believe everything you hear about politics and democrats and republicans are true, Of course not. This is not intended to be a political post.
, It’s an incredible time to be alive in this day and age, something is always going on in so many areas of our lives.
, It's Keith Wright CENTURY 21 Wright & Assoc., Inc. in Portland Oregon.
, Story: last week talking with a group, some of the people thought they were absolutely correct. I don't know if they were having a bad day or what but I knew from my experience that they were at least half wrong.
, I tell people all the time, choose your battles, our parents our coaches our mentors taugh us that? Right?
, They also taught us you get more with honey then you do vinegar and that we want to learn to dance with people not fight them.
, One of the most beautiful things about being in America is we All have the right that we can agree to disagree.
, Back to the Story: They were so adamant, it got under my skin, kind of a wrong way and I couldn’t let this go.
, So, I decided this needs to be a learning opportunity.
, I polled several people in the community over the last couple weeks,
, Turns out they were half right, but 50% disagreed with them.
, I know you want to know what the question is-maybe next time.
, Our Relationship is strong enough with these folks we’ll be ok and I know they are open minded enough to recognize there is room for some more dialogue, learning, growth and understanding.
, So, I’ll close with another question (totally unrelated to the question I asked these folks) to illustrate my point today:
, Answer this: Is the US a democracy?
, No, it’s a republic, some like to call it a representative democracy, look it up.
, Find more a video blog MrC21
, Have a great week.

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