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Ladies, I am so excited!
, For those of you who follow my posts and page regularly, you know how passionate I am about mentoring and reaching women, helping them to identify, reach and maintain their optimal God calling awareness....You know that a big part of my calling is mentoring women that are called to be successful Homemakers, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and World Changers!
, For those of you who have journeyed with me for a bit, you know how precious this mission is... to my heart.
, For those of you who support the God Crazy vision by liking, commenting and sharing with friends, I know you too believe in the message God has put in my heart, I have some very exciting news....
, I just got back from San Diego a week and a half ago and finalized plans for the most amazing first ever #BossSummit with Paula White and other key leaders from around the country.
, I know how powerful events and gatherings are and this is why I’ve been hosting them for years. But what I have in my heart now for Boss Summit is so different than anything we’ve ever done and from anything that is in the marketplace!
, You’re not going to want to miss this time so SAVE THE DATES NOW! (Oct 12-13 in Sunny SoCal) two days of amazing recharging, connection, networking, introspection, reflection, goal-setting and empowerment! Come make this YOUR place of healing and launch pad to your calling as you build friendships and deep relationships that will last a lifetime; meeting others that will recognize and validate who you are and what you’re called to do. It will be such a special anointed and intimate time you wil want to bring two or three friends and experience it together🙏🏻🙌
, We have some very special surprises for you so save the dates and RSVP RIGHT NOW before it’s too late! SEATING IS VERY LIMITED
, Oh, also another favor please, if you think this would bless one or more of your female friends please share it on your wall and like and comment it - this will help us reach more women with this powerful event thank you!

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