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The White House has just been shown to be LYING to the American people. As we all have seen, Trump has been extremely interested in Putin. Having a private talk (in Helsinki) with no representative from our government to witness, had never been done in US history. There has always been a US representative in order to be a fail safe for the American people. Not only to hear what potential promises Putin (or any other country's leader) may make, but also to hear what potential... promises POTUS may make. It is part of our country's checks and balances. Trump insisted he break precedent and be left alone with Putin. We still don't know what was discussed. Russia has revealed publicly that Trump made some apparent promises. Now Trump has invited Putin to the White House. Members of Congress on both sides have denounced Trumps actions, and his saying he believed Putin when he said Russia did not cyber attack our country to help Trump win the election. (which has been proven.) Now, today, after the news announced the Democrats would likely win back the House- suddenly Trump tweets that he is "worried" Russia will attack our midterm elections in order to help the Democrats win, because Putin doesnt want Trump." A full 180 flip. And to SUPPORT this NEW narrative, the White House has doctored the transcript AND video (!) of Putin being asked if he wanted Trump to win the election and if he directed people to help accomplish that; to which he answers Yes. Yes he did. Watch in this video the REAL footage of the press conference and then the EDITED version the White House has released. Whether you think Trump meeting with Putin et al is a good choice for our country is not relevant. What is relevant is that the President of our Country , and our White House are lying to the American people. That should be alarming to all of us.

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