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“IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE SUN, THEN SHINE LIKE ONE” TO SEE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE, WE DON’T NEED EYES, WE NEED VISION.” More than the eyes to see the beautiful world around us and fulfill our dreams, A broad vision and true spirit is required to achieve our goals.
, The children of Kolkata blind school Behala are such a profound example. “Yeh Mera India” forum went to admire the capability of these kids on 17th of July, 2018. ... To the surprise of our team, these children were not “disabled” rather they were facing the challenges on their face with smiles and panache . These children are taught upto class 12 mostly by blind teachers only and post that they join regular college along with other students in the mainstream . They are immensly talented children who learn music as well as sewing. Teachers are competent to teach through braille books Its was a true eye opener for us and we noted few points which could really help them to grow 1) its a huge property but the infrastructure needs to be renovated( leaking dinning hall.. rough walls,poor toilets) 2)newspapers, magazines and wedding cards are required ( as braille paper is expensive so they use these materials to convert in their books)
, They just have 100-150 students due to falling roof and poor structural conditions. We had an enthralling experience visiting this place and our forum would like to do little things to make this school a better place for these blooming children. Will look forward to joining hands with people who would be really enthusiastic for participating in this project for a better india Here is a little girl who sang so beautifully for us that it really touched our hearts .
, Jai hind Yeh mera India

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