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  • Albrecht Dürer💡 @ Zheng Zhou, HeNan, China

  • 有好看的0吗? 周日?

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    In fact, in your future reports, you can change the word "doctor" to "medical staff". I think the effect will be better.

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    Finally , they’ve found an excuse to lean on 😅

  • care your health

  • goodnight

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  • Optical glass Edging wheel by forturetools

  • Edging wheel & Cherry tomato, one is hard, one is soft, one is black and white, one is red. It only comes together the same day from Mrbrian’s camera.

  • Because of envy🤪

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  • 前几天看的iPad pro脑袋一热给父母说想换台平板(虽然确实该换了...)也没有抱多大希望随便说说 结果今天....开心死了www

  • I will stay at home for one week!!! Good luck!

  • Disposable Medical Mask Comfortable Sanitary Surgical Mask for Dust, Protection and Personal Health Professional 3-Layer Anti Dust Breathable。

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  • Let’s work together to win the Corona Virus War. During the tough time ,various countries stop economic and trade, it’s really not easy to buy the and other protective products, but we and our customers have moved forward to overcome the epidemic.

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  • Shower you with all my attention 😘

  • Under my feet OK?