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  • So did the family get a chance to vote for Muhyiddin Yassin as the head of the family or was it also decided through some odd power grab that no one can make sense of months later

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  • 26. März

    Volkswagen Atlas 2018 - 1150 Lakh

  • Brave young nurses, volunteering to help in the country’s coronavirus fight. They’re heading to the Thai border, where there are suspected cases among thousands of returning migrant workers.

  • 28. März
  • Donate 10000 pieces each of surgical masks to Yangon Hospital and Hlaing Thar Yar Hospital Fighting doctors and nurses . Plz be safe for us . We need you .

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  • Stay home/ save lives 😬😬😬 – bei Myanmar Plaza

  • Stay home If not , plz be safe your the whole body

  • abrazarte de nuevo . embrace you again . ich umarme dich wieder 🌍⌛⏭ en Freedom

  • Morning 🌞 Corona ကိုယူမလား ?😛 ကျနော့်ကို ယူမလား? 🥰

  • မပြောတာကြာပြီ

  • Falling in love with this wallpaper 😍

  • Yooo that Jin guy is handsome af I might stan 👉👈

  • Diese Medien könnten sensibles Material enthalten. Mehr erfahren
  • The Goddess of Beauty, we should appreciate 😇

  • What mood is on now?