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  • 12-07-2020- 10 Movements: 6e7204/7203 0755/0825 BLR-VGA-BLR 2T533/534 1300/1330 CDP-VGA-CDP 6e7205/7209 1725/1755 HYD-VGA-HYD AI467/468 1920/2020 DEL-VGA-DEL SG3431/3432 2030/2100 BLR-VGA-BLR Total Pax-Arr:279/Dep:228

  • GSL* Typo

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  • So happy moment today ❤️

  • playing Princess role in - 's Movie,Her role will die in the second half

  • • Wahhh Promotions level 🤘 Kalyan Fanz 💥 🔥

  • Antwort an und

    Neeku manchi ga chebuthunna bro Vintey baguntadhi ikkaditho apey lekapothe naa editing skills chusthav

  • Before After Package Package em kukka brathuku ra nedhi

  • Power star die heart fans Chesaru

  • Finally 2️⃣2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 💥💥 Thanks Everyone Those who supported me....🙏🥰

  • GOT nachani vallu evaraina unnara???

  • Guys Naadi Oka China Idea❤ Repu Adv B'day Trend Ki Andaram Oka "Mokka" Naatudam ... A Pics Ni Trend lo Post Cheddam👍 Trend With Social Use 😍 mana mida respect kuda perugutundi 🙏 (PK Fans Ante separate style vundali Abba😍) Nachinna vallu retweet cheyyandi ✊

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  • She's like a poem

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  • Before package & After package

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