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  • GIVEAWAY Mots7 Jungkook photocard ver.2 , album only ver.1 2 winners RT & Like Followers only Good luck 💜

  • fanfan reposted a picture of a cake from last year 0406 they made for nine percent!! 🎂 we all know fanfan loves nine percent to the max 😗😗

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    Bootylicious babeh yummmz 🤤

  • Twicetagram story update "Finally i also received it 🌹💛"

  • If we date then you need me, call me. I don't care if I'm: -sleeping -having my own problems -angry with you I'll be there for you.

  • Asgsjdldfhdkdldl STOP BEING SO CUTE

  • As well as a video shoot by Yibo himself 😌

  • mad ipd flashbacks 😭 the time when everyone fell in love with linong with this song. nong only trained for a few months but his talent and radiant personality shone through this performance and got into A class😭❤️

  • A highly anticipated collab! 🥰 X 2020 PEPSI X STARSHIP Project coming soon ✌🏻

  • Sampe gatau mau ngomong apa lagi. Cuma bisa diam menatap foto dia 😔 gabisa smash typing gabisa bacot gabisa ngapa2in. Lemes 😭

  • aku ni beria betul layan dia padahal dia layan aku biasa biasa je

  • would die for you

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  • 200406 — 尤长靖工作室微博更新 you zhangjing studio weibo update Growing up always hasn't been just in a moment, it was every moment with you Future, to be continued... our second anniversary ->

  • Liddat osonsikit happy im jz a loser

  • 'Impossible is nothing' said our team, as they welcomed the Onishi built “Tsurugi Galaxy” to Synergy family earlier today. This undoubtedly was the most difficult yard delivery, given the prevailing circumstances. We salute the undying spirit & patience of job of our !

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    Alle wollen Geld.. egal wie. So rennen alle dem Geld nach. Das ist so und wird auch so bleiben bis zum bitteren Ende.