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  • vor 39 Minuten

    Main features This is our own design automatic scoop feeding machine can be integrated with other machines in powder production line. Featured with vibrating scoop unscrambling, automatic scoop sorting, scoop detecting, no cans no scoop system.

  • vor 6 Stunden

    It is suitable for fixing wiring in buildings, electrical appliance, lighting, control wiring, switch and so on. They can be installed inside a wall and conduit.

  • vor 14 Stunden
  • All-in-one screening and crushing machine

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  • Reciprocating feeder

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  • 2PQJ coke cutter

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  • Applicable to various dry and wet coal, oil shale, limestone, gypsum, furnace charge, aluminium oxide, dinas, construction waste etc.

  • 16. Jan.

    Capping speed: 60 - 70 cans/min Can specification: φ60-160mm H50-260mm Power supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz Total power: 0.12kw Air supply: 6kg/m2 0.3m3/min Overall dimensions: 1540*470*1800mm Conveyor speed: 10.4m/min

  • 16. Jan.
  • 16. Jan.

    #Onmyoji# I got a brand new rare skin! Check it out and try your luck!

  • 16. Jan.

    Morning, everyone.

  • 15. Jan.

    Power supply: 3P AC220V 60Hz Total power: 100W Features: Unscrambling the cans which unload by manual or unloading machine to queue a line. Fully stainless steel structure With guard rail, can be adjustable, suitable for different size of round cans.