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  • 29. März

    choose your fighter: emma (2020) edition

  • ngl this look was such a serve

  • let's make dunkirk and 1917 the last best anti war films ever made

  • george mackay sing i met u with antonia thomas

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  • kangen

  • probably have to wait another 5 years maybe to see george at awards season again

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  • debby when she said her and josh didn’t get married

  • she doesn't deserve it im so fucking upset


  • 29. März

    haikyuu girls >>>>>> everything else

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  • 7s apologists come eat this up

  • 29. März

    -10 kilos before the end of the lockdown PLEASE GOD

  • May Allah grant you quick recovery malam 😭💔 you’ll be okay InshaAllah!

  • blond haired george mackay rights !

  • george mackay as davy henshaw in sunshine on leith (2013)

  • send me ur spotify playlists pls