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  • If I won I would love to go visit my brother in San Antonio and than go see my little sister in Tennessee and on my way back visit my older sister in Tulare. We don't get to see each other very often.

  • Okay so...what about......kneeling.......during the anthem??!?!?!

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    Yeah a big selling point on their website is that they’re a lot cheaper than braces. Plus dentists like aren’t open rn and im just stuck at home observing my bodily flaws so it’s happening

  • how wild would it be if for Fast and the Furious 10 they raced each other with their cars lol does that even make sense?

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    Gotta have the omnipresent DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON in a hardly-believable role like how he plays a buff scientist in Rampage

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    Everyone is a fucking nut case 😜🤤🤐😢🤯

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    Sweet face for a sweet girl 🐶

  • . Thank you for the opportunity to make your onboarding experience a "smooth and easy" process.

  • This is Chevy. He likes bags.

  • Just ordered an assessment kit from Smile Direct Club and finally gonna fix these little crooked shits

  • I would take this baby to the beach and watch the sunset

  • USS Midway Museum reopened to the public for the first time following a more than three-month closure due to coronavirus. I was fortunate to capture this nice sunset...what a way to welcome back one of San Diego's iconic landmark!

  • What was your first impression of me? Online or IRL.

  • It looks like I have 2 dif lashes on lol

  • I miss my girls 🥺💛

  • Lol, some of you think cheating is a personality. Could not be me.

  • Its significantly low & your disdain misses that death occurs daily and I don’t think you’re falling on every grenade that causes it.....from cancer to the flu. If you think ANY virus can be completely contained and achieve zero deaths, then you’re going to be disappointed.

  • Carly Rae Jepsen, Paul Thomas Anderson, the San Antonio Spurs