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  • Take a deep breath. returns 2 weeks early, Sunday, April 12 at 9pm on and .

  • What's going through Carolyn's mind?

  • Toji Temple (東寺, Tōji), literally "East Temple", was founded at the beginning of the Heian Period just after the capital was moved to Kyoto in the late 700s.

  • 🧡 Emergency Commissions are officially open! 🧡 📨Commission mail: ☕️Donate on Ko-fi: 📒More infos in comments below! 🚩Please read all before you contact me! 🌹Thanks in advance.

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  • The mosaics on the ceiling of the Baptistry, . (Photographer: Shane Lin)

  • ciao come va?

  • Le mie quattro fasi durante la comparsa e successiva morte di Sirius. Non me l’aspettavo cazzoooo

  • Vogliamo parlare di questa inquadratura invece? È così perfetta

  • Pazzesco Peter Sarsgaard in The Killing

  • Pensate a quelli che sò usciti de galera in questi giorni, quanto je pò rode il culo

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  • Compleanno al tempo del 🦠 Infermieri e medici festeggiano il compleanno di Bruno presso l'Ospedale da campo a Piacenza...♥️ Auguri Bruno...🌺

  • Any halfway rational leaders are waking up to the fact that a vital piece of infrastructure is collapsing

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  • Die Mutter Gottes: Kommen Sie vor ihrer Basilika St. Maria Major zusammen & beten Sie mit beiden Armen in Form eines Kreuzes ausgestreckt, so wie Ihr Sohn für uns am Kreuz gebetet hat, & tun Sie dies für den Raum von mindestens 3 Pater Noster.

  • All over the world, medical workers are risking their own lives to save others during this pandemic. Doctor José Luis Gómez González is one such unsung hero – working in the emergency department of the Manglaralto Hospital in Santa Elena Province, Ecuador. Hero.💪🇪🇨

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