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  • Every Senator knows in his or her heart that the president is guilty of both articles of impeachment, is entirely unfit to serve and should be removed from office. Let’s hope that enough senators can muster the courage, decency and patriotism to do right by the American people.

  • . has said almost exactly what I wanted to say upon reading this garbage dressed up as legal argument. Any lawyer taking part in this charade either has no real concern for our country or is a fool — or both. A shameful performance.

  • On the day his trial is set to begin, President Trump is in Davos, where he will make his first appearance on the international stage since the House sent impeachment articles to the Senate

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    if the senate isnt gonna take the impeachment trial seriously than the house should just keep having more impeachment hearings and sending more articles so the senate has to spend the rest of the year publicly covering up trumps crimes

  • Trump's legal team is arguing POTUS may use legitimate powers for illegitimate purposes, AND withhold all information from Congress if he is being investigated. In other words, the President is a King. Nothing less than our Constitution is at risk.

  • Senators Introduce Resolution To Dismiss Articles of Impeachment.. RT IF YOU SUPPORT THIS MOVE..

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  • Dershowitz complains that the Articles of Impeachment are deficient because they don’t allege Trump committed crimes. Article II is Obstruction of Congress, a CRIME, 18 US Code 1505. In fact, Roger Stone was CONVICTED of that exact crime by failing to produce docs about Wikileaks

  • ⁩ explains why there is no such thing as witness reciprocity. House and Trump should call all the witnesses they need, as long as testimony is relevant to the impeachment articles. Can’t call Bidens and whistleblower just to harass.

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    . swamy fooled by random bhakt.The news article is 2 years old. Christians are transferred out of tirumala by chandrababu then. They are now re instated as dalits who actually practice Christianity. Swamy, why don't you check dates& year of articles shared to u?

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  • There is a very good reason why Woodward does not speak in public anymore. He only does fluff articles with Andy Mitten in a so called fanzine to rehabilitate his reputation.

  • Absolutely. More articles of impeachment in the shortest amount of time.

  • If this shit is real I'm on board these articles covering the leaks were made because PlayStation EU changed their slogan on their page, despite the leak coming before it, and now the 4Chan post is deleted. I really like the way this is looking so far if it's real.

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    Since BTS are back in US, I want to raise a point especially for new armys. pls do NOT under any circumstance engage with images taken of bts while they’re on their private schedule. no paparazzi pic should be supported either, dnt click their articles, dnt spread their images

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    Ajith sir photova vachitu inga evan venaa abuse pannalam. Athukellam avar vanthu panchayathu panna mudiyaathu . And there are so many woman who have undergone online abuse - No news site cared. When it's kasturi - every one is writing articles . This is what u call media bias.

  • BREAKING: U.S. House of Representatives Files Replication to President's Answer to the Articles of Impeachment

  • President Trump’s legal team argues he did “absolutely nothing wrong” in legal brief outlining his defense ahead of Senate impeachment trial.

  • Unpopular opinion: Too many people praise “learning.” MAKING things is a better use of time. Building an audience around your interests is THE cheat code. Write articles. Record videos. Publish podcasts. Plus, making things will make you learn faster anyways.

  • One of the more interesting arguments in the White House brief: the Democrats' articles of *cannot* be valid because they attempt to use a laundry list of theories (cc: ); therefore the Senate cannot logically agree on the precise basis for conviction.

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