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  • SHS ⏩ UAAP Our first batch of graduates from our SHS program have finally gotten the opportunity to play in the UAAP. We can’t wait to see more of our ladies 👏💚

  • It’s always that left foot too

  • When it comes to fooling around, JaDine is the expert. Charot(not). CLeah FoolingAround

  • Me when I found Shea moisture and a du rag in Korea

  • Pasimple moves 😂 CLeah FoolingAround

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    Swamp stalker mit clover und Eisbrecher

  • Peace does not come from your distance from trouble, but rather from the nearness of your Savior.

  • Does Joe Biden know he's running for president?

  • Vintage Richcraft Richman Bros. Fur Felt Men's Dress Hat Fedora Trilby 56-57 cm via

  • The thing about Pearl harbor and 9/11, is that we didn't have two months notice that they were going to happen

  • Epidemiologists are now truly mainstream 😍:

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    Na logo, mach ich, Soldat 💂‍♂️👍🏻

  • Not to brag but I was socially isolated, crying every day, and felt like the world was ending BEFORE this virus

  • The reliability of your hope is always based on the object of your hope. Today, put your hope in the hands of your Lord.

  • “Twilight In Auschwitz” by Joanne M Marinelli

  • Stomach 🤮🤮

  • American goldfinch