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    😂😂.. Phr b kia kia kr lete hen

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    Shine mehru 👍💪♥️

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    Weldone Tiger

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    wo kon hy ab?

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    Yess boht dfa 😳

  • Ok Einstein

  • After over 85 years HagiaSophia reverted back to Mosque. Azan was recited. How I long for today. We will see you one day as well. Turkey

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    waw erum sister

  • State agencies are not ready to extract landmines in FATA , But They are Extremely fast to extract minerals !! PTM leader

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    youn ehsas hua phr single hony ka ~

  • Pakistan’s Economic Revolution underway: PTI govt’s plan of a new Dubai like city ‘Ravi’ near Lahore is an ambitious project and would take years to be completed but if this govt succeeds with it then this would certainly be ‘Pakistan’s Economic Revolution’.

  • Very shameful on part of Khwaja Asif to falsely blame that Maulana Maudodi labelled Quaid Azam as kafiri Azam. This is a false propaganda and maliciously attributed to Maulana sab

  • if i stare at my photos for more than 5 secs i start hating them

  • Ye guys really think we ,bois, do care 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😒 Yeah really Huuuh

  • Bayern in quarters. I-

  • The history can't be change.

  • Maulana sab entire ideaolgy was based on Islamic state and relentlessly tried for it through out his life. He was invited by Quaid himself to deliver speeches on different aspects of islamic state

  • Picture of the year ♥️ A Photo taken at an international university in London. A Pashtoon father attends his son's graduation ceremony. copied ❤👌