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  • Za istewe wajot, Novgorod! . So innovativ der Kataplektor zur damaligen Zeit auch war, der Buchtknoten ist auch nur ein Non- inverted Batwing. 😅 . . . . . [Unbezahlte Werbung]

  • The Doctors Alliance says Vasilieva has now been held for over 8 hours in Novgorod Region and will be trialled in a local court today on charges of violating quarantine rules and disobeying a police officer. She will most likely receive a hefty fine

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  • Today in 1242 the Russians of Novgorod smashed invading Teutonic crusaders at ‘The Battle on the Ice’, fought on a frozen lake.

  • On April 5, 1242 the Teutonic Order fought forces of Novgorod commanded by 20 year old Alexander Nevsky at the Battle of Lake Peipus- also called the Battle on the Ice bc it took place on a frozen lake- until the weightof the troops broke through the ice and drowned!

  • Le 5 avril 1242, les troupes russo-mongoles dirigées par le prince de Novgorod, Alexandre Nevski, remportent la bataille du lac Peïpous (ou la bataille sur la glace) contre les chevaliers teutoniques lors des croisades baltes. Alexandre Nevski devint un héros national en Russie.

  • If you aren’t tuned into yer missing a crackin tune from a band from Nizhni Novgorod.

  • On April 5, 1242, forces led by Alexander from the Republic of Novgorod repelled Catholic crusaders in the , fought on the frozen Chudskoe Lake.

  • OTD 1242 Alexander Nevsky of Novgorod defeats Teutonic Knights in the Battle of the Ice World's first hockey game.

  • in 1242 Republic of Novgorod led by Alexander Nevsky defeated crusader army led by Livonian branch of Teutonic Knights in Battle on the Ice, fought largely on frozen lake. Crusaders' defeat in the battle marked the end of their campaigns against Russians for the next century

  • ⚔️On April 5, 1242, the army of the Russian city of Novgorod, led by Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky, defeated the forces of the Teutonic knights from the Livonian Order in the historic "Battle on the Ice", which is notable for having been fought on a frozen lake.

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  • On this day in 1242, the armies of Novgorod defeat the Teutonic Knights on a frozen lake in what is now Estonia. The Battle of the Ice, as it becomes known, will be later immortalized in the 1938 Sergei Eisenstein epic 'Alexander Nevsky.'

  • Alexander Nevsky, Prince of Novgorod, defeated the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of the Ice on 5 April 1242

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    My late wife did actually blow up a telly, in a ‘motel’ near Novgorod in 1975 - just by switching it on. Shame. It was a lovely pale blue number with cream Bakelite inlay round the screen. We spent the day expecting arrest having read too many spy novels.

  • NEW: Officials in 's Nizhny Novgorod are reportedly using surveillance technology to track residents amid the pandemic. We caution that such techniques could extend beyond the pandemic and question if it serves the public interest.

  • A doctor in Russia who called for protective equipment has been detained. Anastasia Vasilyeva was arrested while bringing masks and other PPE to a hospital in Novgorod. She was reportedly choked by police and hit in the abdomen, passing out as a result

  • Dr Anastassia Vasilieva, the founder of the only independent union of doctors, was forcefully arrested as she was bringing masks to Novgorod with her team. She criticised the Russian Gov for downplaying cases/deaths and the lack of means to fight the pandemic.

  • Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region has rolled out a QR code pass system to allow its 3.2 million residents to leave their homes during its coronavirus lockdown

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    Is that fucker still on TV? It's been 2 hours.

  • Yeah piss off back to Nancy Novgorod you big Russian poof