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  • Babu Owino freed on Ksh.10M cash bail, barred from taking alcohol, narcotics

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    Wale tunafunzwa na ulimwengu nikama classes zimeanza 😑

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    Do not quit your job until your side hustle income is twice your monthly expenses. Share to help another 🇰🇪

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    Times change. People change. Boobs fall. But a short Bro will remain short forever.

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    Inzi kubwa

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    How secure are we as Kenyans if this is what security has become.

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    Nzige , Sheng - Dedee

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    haungefollow rules? 😭😭😭

  • EMBAKASI EAST MP Babu Owino released on Sh10m cash bail in case over shooting of DJ; Sh2.5m to be paid before he leaves Industrial Area Remand Prison.

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    I wanted to retire from active online politics but I remembered DP William Ruto need me in 2022.

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    We r trending already. Good job tweeps

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    The that has invaded the Nation in the most dreadful way for over 70 years. This is because of the Blackmail Lets REPENT