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  • To walk into a business yesterday: Shoes Shirt Pants To walk into a business now: Shoes Shirt Pants Mask

  • Account started in '06 though. That empty area in the middle is Dec 2018~Jan 2019

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇳🇴 is introducing new exceptions to the travel advice against non-essential travel to all countries. The new exceptions apply to individual countries in the Schengen area/EEA from 15 July

  • US passport-holders have visa-free access to the Schengen-area for a limited time

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    Why? Who the hell cares?

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    Sure sounds like they are getting to you.

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    Yes 💯. I also put coffee in mine sometimes.

  • dear sir ,recently in brajrajnagar ( ib pit )is declared as a containment zone .FYI SIR, ib pit is like a slum area. Most of people are earning money in the daily basis . Due to lockdown peoples are not getting food or nor they have money for it. 1/2

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    Cake is garbage. Pies are life.

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    Well you haven't protected the U.P. because all of the tourists coming here have spiked our numbers. There is little compliance with your masking mandates. I'm giving you a D- so far. Intrastate travel is our biggest threat and you did 0.

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    With storage possibilities, and H2 being the swizz army knife of storage: Result: RE companies utilize the entire concession and builds wind turbines to support max utilization of area X at 200MW. 2/

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    Separate politics from reality. Yes political groups are trying to leverage this pandemic but the virus is real. And you don't have kids passing out on playgrounds from masks that's a lie. And nurses are wearing masks in any reputable health clinic or facility.

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    Please present actual evidence.

  • Available in 3 sizes, 24x36 inches, 36x60 inches and 48x72 inches in horizontal and vertical shapes, this durable area rug will surely make a style statement in any room. Add playful, colorful or stylish Pale Denim blue batikk graphics .

  • The-M Condo @ Central Area - 64013141 Singapore

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    starting to like my little entrance. still not sure how i want the area around to be tho

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  • Blackpink in your area 🔥😩

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    Pork belly burnt ends have completed step 1. Next step is apple juice, honey and a wrap in foil for 1 hour.

  • Just got my first post-covid haircut. Finally felt safe enough now that my area has less than 3 current infected.