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  • Hypertensive type hemorrhage/hematoma

  • Good Morning Ka-Brightwins Stay safe & be healthy🙏🌻💚

  • Antwort an

    Weiss is smaller than Dora 😳😳😳

  • Umiwas ka sa mga magtitrigger sa mental health mo.

  • You can see in Vien's eyes how happy she is💙 That happiness is the purest one🥺💙

  • "We will work hard so that we can be together for a long time, far beyond 10 years." -CHOI BO PIL PD 💖💙

  • Alam mo yung pinanganak akong normal, tas mababaliw lang ako sayo.

  • What's your birthday message for him, Kapamilya? 😍

  • [ICYMI] Starting July 14, 'Ang Probinsyano' episodes to be fully streamed on YouTube

  • What did we say about journalists’ role? It’s to get to the truth and report the truth. Balance and bias are tipped towards the truth. And here’s the truth - President Duterte is the force behind ABS-CBN’s shutdown. He said so himself.

  • To the 'Dodong' of , happy birthday from your family! 🎈

  • Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, in an interview over ANC, refuses to comment on the INQUIRER report on President Duterte's "unedited" speech in Jolo: "I will not comment on an alleged transcript that I do not have any personal knowledge of.”

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  • Are you ready for the series finale of MNL48 Presents: Chain? Watch out for the Part 4 coming out this Thursday! Stream the full episodes on and on

  • Privacy is not an option, it is a right. Private cross-chain transactions will be available on the mainnet via the 2nd layer protocol, which adds ZCash-level protection, in a completely trustless setup, for scenarios.

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  • movie marathon