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  • How the seasons work in the UK: Jan - Cold Feb – Still Cold Mar – Still cold but snow now Apr - Rain May – More rain Jun – Why is it still raining July - BEES Aug – Oh god it is so hot Sept – I miss the heat Oct – Heat is simply a memory Nov - Cold Dec – Cold but with capitalism

  • 18 hours ago

    We will play Southampton in the semi-final of the FA Cup.

  • Real satisfaction to reach the semi.

  • 21 minutes ago

    On Friday had an interview for a job. I got it!! First proper job in years, absolutely made up. Thank you to all my new Twitter friends for their help & support. Driving job, up & down country, long hours, sleep in the cab, minimum human contact, cash in hand, flippin' perfect. x

  • America’s TV Viewer-in-Chief. Pathetic. Embarrassing. And just such an absurd parody of himself.

  • 10 minutes ago

    But the big victory for Brexiters is that transition was allowed without solving Ireland. This was broadly expected, but still a victory. Could easily have gone other way.

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  • Dem Congressman says use "Second Amendment" to resist Trump. Less than a year after a crazed left-wing lunatic shot up a Republican baseball practice, why are we still hearing this rhetoric?

  • 25 minutes ago

    Michel Barnier announces that the UK will be part of the European single market until the Brexit transition period finishes on the 31st of December 2020

  • Anna Campbell was a courageous British feminist, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist soldier who fought with the Kurds against ISIS. She was killed during an assault by Turkey's jihadi-linked military. Our government is arming Turkey, and now a UK citizen has died. This is scandalous.

  • 14 minutes ago

    i still have chills that i was there that day singing this

  • 9 minutes ago

    That means that the Ireland battle has been delayed not just from first phase agreement, or from transition agreement, but to when the whole thing is done.

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  • 12 minutes ago

    Wait for his celebration 😁

  • 16 minutes ago

    hello dutch twitter: are you a photographer based in holland - have a potential job on 26 & 27th march near eindhoven. It's documentary photography capturing a particular building and its occupants - plz RT / email CV to or send me a DM!

  • 17 minutes ago

    I'm alright for now, but thousands of my old mates on the streets are not. In this weather, if you're not inside, it's a living hell. You can't help everyone, but think seriously about helping someone. Today.

  • BREAKING; Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says company worked with Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon via

  • 10 minutes ago

    Gibraltar leaves the EU as the same time as Britain, Michel Barnier says

  • Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer says the agreement could have been signed months ago and says ministers wasted time "pursuing their reckless red lines"

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  • 20 minutes ago

    UPLOADING: New video in 10 mins....

  • 16 minutes ago

    Barnier explains why EU so relaxed about letting UK "sign new trade deals" during transition. "They are leaving 750 international agreements. 750! The UK has work to do to reestablish relations with all those partners."

  • 10 minutes ago

    Electoral Commission figures reveal the Tories spent £7.5million more than Labour in the general election and still lost their majority. No wonder they need all that Russian money to recharge their bank account...