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  • Nah black I black I no offend person nah!! 😭💔

  • Can we uninstall 😑 & reinstall 2020? 🤦🏿♂ This one has a virus.

  • I'm not completely sure who this is for, but "Day 1 of Quarantine" should be tweeted by those tested Positive while "Day 1 of Self Isolation" should be tweeted by those still Negative. Know the difference and apply accordingly 😂😂😂 RT till it get to that person

  • The Lagos State Govt in the last few days has started delivering the Promised Emergency Food Response Packages to a Lot or Vulnerable Families across different LGAs in the State. These pictures are from EPE LGA.

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  • Now that lockdown as started in Lagos, it’s high time I revived my temple run skills because I trust naija police😃, this is what they know how to do best..

  • ”Daddy, what happened in 2020?” Me:

  • A very happy birthday to a visionary & our founder, Hon. Akin Alabi. Thank you for your leadership and your foresight. Best wishes! 🥮🎂

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    Phyno go murder Zoro abeg

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  • Some of you after the isolation period 😂😂😂

  • Your ex is probably in a relationship thinking about you. You aren't easy to forget! But don't get excited. Just because they're thinking about you doesn't mean you should get back together. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep letting go!

  • Ooni of Ife has made my day. If not for civilization and technology, we would have still been traditional till date. You are so dull if you believe it’s only medicine and injection that can cure Coronavirus. Herbs and Leaf extracts will work wonders. I hail Ooni

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    0081864079 Daniel ukaegbu Union bnk

  • Naira Plunges Further, Dollar Sells For N412

  • Which of these Mavin Songs is your all time best song? 1. All is in order 2. Dorobucci 3. Adaobi 4. Jantamanta

  • All I want is someone to love, to fvck and to be happy with. Is that too much to ask for😩

  • No salaries from States and Federal government to staffs yet they imposed total lockdown! They should die of CoronaHunger?

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