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    Lieber , vielen Dank für deinen Besuch und deinen Einsatz für - komm bald wieder! 🇦🇫🤝 🇩🇪

  • Finally got McDonald’s in Kabul.

  • 14. Jan.
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    To Kunduz and Samangan from Kab Jan

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    Congrats! Afghanistan's U19 cricket team defeated South Africa in the opening match of World Cup.

  • Terrific allround performance by team Afghanistan , congratulations to all of us on massive victory 👏 .

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    🇦🇫 Looking forward to The Hague 🇳🇱 and now Düsseldorf 🇩🇪

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    د دغه ویډیو کار لږ پاتي ده. هیله لرو لنډیز به خوند درکړي وي.

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  • 15. Jan.

    له جلالتماب جمهور رئيس سره د کابل د خلکو د مخامخ خبرو په دویمه ورځ ارګ د ده سبز ولسوالۍ،18او 19 ناحیو د اوسیدونکیو کوربه و راغلو کسانو د خپلو خلکو په استازولۍ ستونزې او حل لارې شریکې کړې او بیا یې استازو بیان کړې ولسمشر خبرې واوریدې او د حل لپاره یې لارښونې وکړې.دا لړۍ دوام لري.

  • 16. Jan.

    Reduction In Violence (RIV): We don't have RIV in the dictionary of war & peace. Here is how the Talibs interpret it. "We kill some people instead of more people. We do one urban bombing per week instead of several". CEASEFIRE exists in all cultures. STOP KILLING HUMANS. Simple.

  • Hamid Karzai at : We need a more humane world order. A Gandhian vision of non-violence and coexistence.

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    تغیرات بیشتری در راه است.

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