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  • Such dir mal ein Altersheim 😂

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  • Each province, as a MUST, will have a deputy governor.This is part of our structural reform to further empower women. This is a quota which has to be implemented in all 34 provinces of Afgh. It must be done soon. Even if a woman becomes a governor the quota still holds & applies

  • With great pleasure I would like to announce that President Ghani has appointed me as his Special Envoy for . I thank President Ghani for placing his trust in me.

  • I met dozens of young, middle age & senior persons in my village. All + families hv defeated COVID-19.This isn't a professional judgment for all the country but I reckon we hve broken the vicious curve by relying on health infrastructure & more on our age old traditions & herbs

  • Happy birthday dear Shakier

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  • One of Pres. Ghani’s special guards ‘Aziz Ahmed Alamyar’ has been killed in Shibertoo district in Bamyan. His body was found inside a river. No confirmation from presidential palace yet

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  • ACB board members meeting is expected for tomorrow with possible major changes in the set up is on the line. Despite no 🏏 vision with current leadership,I ask you please stop the ongoing at least. deserve much respect & credibility.

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  • Jet e hamamit

  • یاسین ضیا رییس ستاد ارتش و شاه‌محمود میاخیل معاون اول وزارت دفاع تعیین شدند وزارت دفاع ملی تأیید می‌کند که یاسین ضیا به‌حیث رییس ستاد ارتش کشور و شاه‌محمود میاخیل به‌حیث معاون اول این وزارت تعیین شده‌اند.

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  • hoisted their white flag in at the + stronghold in Wazirotangi of

  • Breaking - Gen. Yasin Zia has been appointed as the Afghan army's chief of staff, replacing Gen. Bismillah Waziri, a source from the Defense Ministry said. Zia has served as deputy defense minister, deputy head of NSC, Takhar governor and deputy head of NDS.

  • قد مى په پيغلو کى معلوم دى ﺯه افغانۍ د شاه ﺯلمو د ملکه يمه❤

  • څو ورځي وړاندې د هرات ولایت پښتون زرغون ولسوالۍ د پوشکان په سیمه کې د هرات قومندان امنیه عبیدالله نورزی چي په عملیاتي قوه کې راوتلی وو؛ او د مجاهدینو په ماین چاودنه کې ژوبل شو، نن یې د سختو او ژورو ټپونو له امله په روغتون کې ساه ورکړه

  • ARG - presidential palace

  • Can any of my fellow Bamiyanis guess where this is in