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    Kelly Reichardt

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    Ken Hoffman? Lol

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    Hsieh choking 😐😅

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    Ya don’t know what your missing !

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    I have listened to this none stop ❤ I'm literally crying😭

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    Straight line _____________________ Spotted line .................................... Valentina's eyebrows |||||||||||lllllllllll

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  • It's time for the United States to strongly consider recognizing Juan Guaidó as acting President of Venezuela. Maduro's reign of terror has gone on too long. Venezuelans are suffering, and the region is destabilizing.

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    will be without a key piece for the next several weeks.

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    Y’all don’t fall for these little cash app scams!! 2 people in the past couple of days hitting me up telling me the same thing “My aunt works for cash app and she can add a zero to any amount” IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN DONT DO IT!!! Share and retweet to warn others! 😤

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    gee thanks, jus bought ittt

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    open up to me , I find that shit attractive asf .

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    Diese Medien könnten sensibles Material enthalten. Mehr erfahren
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    some pics for the birddd 🐦

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    someone get this b*tch a brush

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    Sorry 4 the wait.....🤙🏾💪🏾