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  • Even if Zimra grounds you🤦‍♂️, your rich cousins will ferry you bro...they also drive fancy...not your level hayo but u wont feel the difference...wakafarisa next time uchiti handsome haibhadhare anything iwe uchiswera in one of my cars, ndokuburutsa... lol Today coming from shops

  • The University of Zimbabwe has produced 50 000 theatre caps and 20 000 overshoe covers. All these and their sanitisers are part of the Natpharm order. If there is something that has taught us, it's that we can produce a lot of what we import.

  • No situation is permanent in life, God had plans

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  • Interesting times lie ahead - Zim has made some history. Elections mean nothing anymore Dr Khupe now has MDC A and MDC T legislators under her in Parly the first ever in world history I suppose.

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  • I don’t know if it’s loyalty or bias, but I think this flag is one of the best flags in the world. Or maybe it’s because I relate with what it signifies. 🇿🇼

  • Congrats Mr Lenon Chinganga from Dema , a happy farmer who planted 5kgs of star 2053 fine beans variety on a 1200 square metres area On his first harvest ,he harvested 985kgs. That's why we say success Breeds success and our seeds are bred to perform.

  • Other than charity work and some philanthropic work i do, This HANDSOME pays tuition fees for 14 university students, and more high school students. I pay BILLS that change LIVES not zvedoro. Even being UGLY does not pay bills....people work... Dont take jokes too personal

  • I missed a career in modelling shem

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    😂😂😂😂. iwewe l understand

  • Jack Bauer mulockdown

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    Viele Vermögende haben doch schon bei dem Gemetzel an den Börsen geblutet. Wir müssen sicherstellen, dass gute Ideen/Unternehmen Zugang zu Eigenkapital bekommen.

  • Keeping positive today. Without doubt some leisure riders/drivers out but no where near the volume seen previously. Advice given to a few groups of motorcyclists including some from Barnsley sent packing from the . We've just had lunch at Castleton.