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  • Those who know, know.

  • Can we talk about my queen’s outfits in K3G? I would wear all of them today 😍

  • Help Pass... Quick Message to the President. 😂😂😂

  • Here is our population distribution for people aged 65+ using census districts and data from 2017 Botswana Demographic Survey. Some of you may not be familiar with our census districts. We have 28 districts comprising 21 rural districts and 7 town/city districts.

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    Pragtige dit die witrenoster met die horisontale reguit lippe?

  • is ready ❗️ Lock in at 18:00 on FaceBook or Instagram Live 🙏🏻

  • Where can I buy a generator Mpinch? Ko Engen Garage ?

  • Let’s do a barber appreciation💈 I’ll start

  • 23. LV or Gucci ?

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  • I have seen so many flapjacks and chicken wings 😭😭 hayi I’m shook, I’m actually an influencer

  • "“I was truly disgusted. There was human faeces everywhere, soiled nappies. Broken pews, pulpit was destroyed.” “They ruined 150-year-old paintings, and a beautiful organ was destroyed. The church, as far as I can tell, is beyond repair.” via

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    Wozothatha babes

  • Okuhlekonke😍

  • About lunch... It was supposed to be chicken with wild rice but I accidentally used Basmati which was still delicious. With garlic butter zucchini and mushrooms mixed in there. If you wanna stay out of your family’s way for a good 2 hours, this is a really really good one!

  • Might as well add an extra day nyana given the sphithiphithi. Let’s hang in there comrades