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  • PyTorch LSTM: Text Generation Tutorial

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    Psych hons

  • Facts speak for themselves! A powerful Congress leader with much clout in the Party called me on 4 July 2020 at 12:05 pm to request that 35, Lodhi Estate be allotted to another INC MP so that Priyanka Vadra can stay on. Let’s not sensationalise everything please.

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    nahi akele rehne mei darr lagta hai🤭mere baski ni🤭

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    Mere pass pehle se h 🙄🥺

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    So were Kamal nath and Gehlot

  • Ekam musical C Tune-Fipple Bamboo Flute (33.5 m)

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  • Bangladesh: Islamists dig up the grave of an Ahmadi newborn and throw the corpse on the road because she was ‘infidel’

  • Zoo gallu underground ah ||

  • Insensitive Chinese government denies funeral for its soldiers killed by Indian Army during Galwan clashes

  • Vikas Dubey case: 6 killed in encounters, 4 arrested, 21 accused named, manhunt on for 11 others

  • When Backbencher is a Topper* .... Backbencher:- result nhi pucho ge .... *Rishtedaar:-

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  • A natural calamity is unfolding in Assam affecting millions of lives. We urge the Central & state govt to take all necessary steps to mitigate the effects of this disaster.