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  • Secularism of Alt News. When Muslims mob attack Doctors, use Indore's 'Locals'. But use 'Muslims' to victim play. They couldn't call stones as wallet this time, so didn't mention the religion to save the Jamaat.

  • RSS volunteers distributed grocery Kits for the Lockdown affected needy families in Hebbala areas in Bengaluru.

  • Industries across the board will face job losses yet the govt is unable to provide a road map to economic stability. The govt needs to take strong measures to reassure the people that their livelihoods are secure.

  • Vegetables prices are increasing in many parts of the country yet the BJP has not announced any measure to control rising prices in these tough times.

  • It is imperative that India immediately ramps up its rate of testing. Extremely valuable information about the severity of the disease, disease clusters and focal points is gained from testing. In order for this lockdown to yield results, it has to be backed up..1/2

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  • You would have never heard these stories when Rahul Gandhi the MP, Amethi's didi make sure lockdown goes smooth for the residents of amethi. 🙏🏼

  • I was just thinking should we not provision for old method of using handcuffs in these testing circumstances specially with uncooperative misbehaved population who are a health security hazard?

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  • 'Iron Lady' Katinka Hosszu sees positives in Olympic postponement

  • Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar briefs the precautionary measures one should take during

  • जालंधर से धौलाधार हिमालय की ये पहाड़िया 213 की-मी दूर है जहाँ 11 दिन मे लाकडाउन में प्रदूषण कम होते ही जालंधर के घरो की छतो से खुबसूरत नजारा दिखने लगा बुजुर्ग लोग भी बता रहे है हमने भी ऐसा पेहली बार देखा हैं प्राकर्ति कितनी खुबसूरत है आज की भागदौड मे कितनी फीकी हो गयी हैं कुदरत

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  • ‘Eating animals is degrading and damaging — it yields a bitter harvest’ Speaking to , Mark Rowlands, discussed the implications of humans consuming animals, for the planet, for animals — and for our own moral selves READ 👇

  • Compliments to IIT-Roorkee & a start-up at IIT-Hyderabad’s incubation center for developing low-cost portable ventilators called ‘Prana-Vayu & “Jeevan Lite’ respectively. Such innovative solutions are the need of the hour to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • China supplies masks made of undergarment (Ladies Bra) to . Promised Pakistan N-95 masks and deceived them. The doctors in Pakistan called it a bad joke ......

  • Taj & other hotels of group play host to medical staff READ:

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  • Mumbai court rejected founder ’s interim bail plea. File Photo

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