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  • 'Cause Baby, Baby, Baby Oh!

  • 7. Juli

    You have an ugly soul girl

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    Don’t be shy just block them

  • Nice one, my 'following'.

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    I actually managed to finish this one. Job well done, Weird Al the 2nd.

  • Lots of bad news these days but I don't mind staring at Cookie Monster looking at a plate of cookies to brighten my day.😊

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    Blade Runner Star Wars Raiders

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    Clasp from the incredible Broadsword and the Best

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  • Tonight’s film! Can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before...... would swear I had! Must be getting old🙄 bloody loved it 👌

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    There's a word for the men too, but that's ignored, I guess...

  • 摔倒了就爬起来,弱弱的问一句,你们的对象都在哪捞的?

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    At least at 3 points she could have interjected and put the fire to his shins, but she didn't. Bullshit reporter.

  • : [Original] Low-dose real-time X-ray imaging with nontoxic double perovskite scintillators.

  • I think I should read Foucault for real some time.

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  • Somalis too

  • Both Trump supporters? Fvck both then.

  • LSA Outstanding Reviewers/Papers and Top Cited/Downloaded Papers have been announced. 👍👍👍