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  • ‘‘0640422925’’ Women’s Clinic and Abortion in Krugersdorp, Cape Town, Bellville, Pretoria, Johannesburg,…

  • 20. Jan.

    Youngsters are the most affected by drugs and alcohol. Every individual whether in a town, city, community, family, school or college is affected by drugs and alcohol, directly or

  • 18. Jan.

    Sad how happy I am outside this town and how shitty it feels to be back in it. It’s definitely something in the air.

  • 18. Jan.
    Antwort an

    I keep saying this: HARVEST RAIN WATER, store it and drink it straight from our food grade water bladders, connected to your gutters.

  • 17. Jan.

    And before long the circus comes to town to get a tragic dastardly event to become just that - a circus.

  • 16. Jan.

    Presenting "Pichwai " , the showstopper of our Aranya Collection Pichwai Art is a form of painting from the holy town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan that potrays the childhood incarnation of Lord Krishna- Srinathji, with...

  • 15. Jan.

    HH Baba,Aslamuh Alaikum,Today is first agri harvest yield season,so Harvesting Festival in my he town HH.We decore homes,also celebrate at school a day before with my old time studied school with kids,Nice to see rain in Dubai(cool wind:amazing)Shukran HH,AAkbar

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  • 14. Jan.
    Antwort an

    Very humble person down to earth proud to say he is from my home town and my college alumni 🙏

  • 13. Jan.
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    Looks like it’s a special climate of certain areas in Mongolia, Tsetserleg, the warmest town in this microclimate, nighttime January temperatures rarely go under −30 °C (−22 °F) while daytime January temperatures often reach 0 °C (32 °F) to 5 °C (41 °F)

  • 13. Jan.

    traveling to Kemari Town