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  • So happy to hear that! One of my favourite events in our fair town :) 🥰

  • I miss the hardware store that had everything. A literal floor to ceiling maze. Home cheapo & Lowe’s put them out of business. The five & dime stores went kaput when Walmart moved in to the area. The private owned pharmacy replaced by Walgreens. The owners gave back to the town.

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    Spectacular photos -- Cape Town is gorgeous! 🤩

  • Thanks for the response Andy. At what stage do we have a cut-off point for remembering key national and international events? A person's lifetime, or longer? As you know, living there, Southport is considered the holiday town for Merseyside, that explains the venue. 1/2

  • ‘‘+27640422925’’ Best Abortion Clinic in Cape Town, Bellville, Krugersdo... via

  • Fine, all criminal actors must get due punoshmentd. Also, equally horrible, if not more, is the JIT of Baldia Town, it should not be ignored.

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    Indeed good to have some names. CST, PTR and producer AMI are interesting atm. (asx) But I'm more constructive on copper over the next 18mo with 1) global stagflation, 2) marginal production issues, 3) China intra growth only game in town. Either way good times

  • Little Town Hero هاللعبة نظام لعبها أجبرني أركز بكل حواسي لدرجة قمت أستخدم قلم وورقة للتخطيط 😹 الحين عرفت شو يقصد يوم تكلم عنها قبل. صبراً صبراً، أنا متأكد في متعة خفية ورا هالتعقيد.

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  • We are about to go live tune in

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    It is quite the 🌟.🌟 stocks, such great stories. Tis carrying the xEV market atm, hopefully they can really pump those units out of the next 5 yrs, while diversification also comes to town.

  • Each town cannot coordinate with every other town on these questions. None of them has the resources. That is why there is a state government. But GOP state level leaders (way more distant from the people than city level ones are) are scared that their extremist fans will be (2/N

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    Trump & GOP seem to think that people don't travel from one town to another. If your town doesn't require a mask, the town you are visiting does & you go there without one, how will you be treated? How will you know beforehand what each of your destinations require? (1/N)

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    Same here sir i cried when ever i back to home country and home town Karachi