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  • It appears that the US government is going to request that everyone wears masks in public to lessen the spread of . should do the same and our remaining textile/clothing companies should go into overdrive to produce them.

  • Did you know that Teak wood is water resistant. It has a high oil content, giving it the highest decay resistance among all natural wood products. It repels water keeps it from warping, cracking or becoming brittle. This durability makes it highly suitable for outdoor furniture.

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  • After watching I've come to understand that is just one of the underrated actresses. She's goals she's fire

  • Retweet for awareness Khulu Aron Maduna was born in 1923 in Nkayi under Chief Sikobokobo but no village particulars,he has children in Byo, Pumula but no address. Anyone who may know him or his relatives to contact ZRP Sauerstown. He has been in the area for almost 2 days now

  • How TM IT guys gets act when there get called by the Till Operator to fix a technical problem 😂😂😂 IT Guy. The Problem

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    Doro nehupfu

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  • When you give your squad your assignment to copy and there promise to change it 😂😂 The Change:

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  • The corona virus likes cold weather. Despite warnings, people are still bravely making what appears not to be necessary movements. Strolling around the city facing gusty winds. Fellow citizens. The winter is upon us, the virus is a flu!! Soon we will catch it. Stay locked down!!

  • "Khulu" or "Matshelela" played an important role in my life. My mom had hired Khulu as a gardener/ helper and we just got along. I remember him teaching me how to ride a bike and the stories he told me. I document people important to me because they become more than a memory.

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    I think sokumele sehle ezkhundleni 🤣

  • This is all I do now😊

  • mune musikanzwa President

  • All of them said No😂😭

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    Asenze dancechallenge?