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  • NSW Police Commissioner Fuller will investigate the circumstances surrounding the Border Farce - Ruby Princess scandal. Hopefully this investigation is more stringent than the phony "investigation" into sneering Energy Minister Taylor over his SCC forgeries.

  • If the are such great money managers, why is it that in any financial crisis, they immediately abandon their own policies and adopt Labor policies?

  • Day 232 AUD 1 = DGB 119 AUD 203.87 = DGB 24 092.8 -28.13

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  • this is the best summary of the crisis and its context i have seen

  • "Cloth masks are ineffective as source control and PPE" -sorry folks but the literature is really clear on this

  • Sugar , Spice and Everything Nice

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  • What year is it?

  • Surprise!Surprise! Gina Rinehart’s grubby right wing propaganda outfit, the IPA, is exploiting the current crisis - advocating scrapping of regulatory red tape & suggesting jobs must be prioritised above all else, including environmental protection

  • Des Houghton in C-Mail - was once the editor but got shafted because he was useless. Now flat out shitting on Labor - because he aspires to be a poor man's Andrew Bolt. Always one for the big challenges was Des. His writing standard shows why he was a failed editor.

  • Give yourself a day of rest tomorrow. Turn the media off. We are well informed at the moment. We all know what we need to do. Stay home. The collective stress and anxiety is overwhelming. We need to honor our own health and well-being. Be gentle with your heart. Nurture w/self🤍

  • yes i do the cooking yes i do the cleaning

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  • Will I always have resting bitch face? Stay tuned


  • GAME DAY for Club Captain in training, Louis Zorko 🦁

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  • anyway this is my gender today