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  • Swami Vivekanada had said, "..They alone live who live for others.." I take this moment to thank volunteers of our who have shed the comforts of their home in the service of others! Truly inspiring! My humble pranams to all!🙏

  • PM ji's initiative to constitute Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) Fund will add great strength to India's fight again Covid 19. Requesting you all to note the below details and donate generously.

  • After partition, this must be the largest ever mass migration India has seen And it's unbelievable that this exodus is happening during a pandemic Will Modi & Shah take responsibility for putting the lives of these poor people at risk through infection?

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  • 🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏.... Let's put our differences away n fight this together. It's for lives n survival. Also pls keep in mind to follow wats requested frm th govt. The nxt few days are very crucial n imp. Mch luv to all my frnzz workn fr th KCtrust.

  • This is encouraging news for the world

  • Akshay Kumar Donations: Pulwama Martyrs: 5 Cr Assam Floods: 2 Cr Chennai Floods: 1Cr WCS: 50 Lakh CRPF Families:1.08Cr HFT: 1.5 Cr To Combat Corona: 25 Cr Founder Of Bharat Ke Veer App People mock him, Call him Canadian Actor, Deride him. But here takes a lead🙏

  • Covid fund is named -> PM CARES If PM really cared, he wouldn't have abandoned lakhs of poor migrant workers on the streets without food & water For Modi, PR is always top priority. Even when a pandemic is raging across the country Also, don't we already have a PM Relief Fund?

  • Come on India! Join ! We will add Rs.10 to everyone's donation to the PM CARES FUND! Donate via now and lets get 10 crore Indians to donate to this amazing cause! We will pledge Rs.100 crores on top!!!

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  • . volunteers providing supplies to migrant workers in Delhi.

  • This Video will definitely make you a Fan of India's Nationalist Hero He, •Launched Bharat Ke Veer App •Opened Hospital for Needy Officers •Provide Free Martial arts trainings to Girls •Donates Money To Indian Army •Donates Money To Farmers •Highest Tax Payer

  • Your Fav?! RT - Chocolate Icecream 🔄 Like - Vanilla Icecream ❤️

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    Also Panga on hotstar.

  • My best moment so far! My World Championship moment, rather.😀 The backhand serve taught by late Mehboob Ali Sir at Railway Courts, Tarnaka (Sec'bad) in mid 90s. His sessions were magical. Today, 2/17 serves went in the bin. 🏸🏸 (Video edited by Ajay Jamkhandi.)

  • has at least 8 strains. This SARS-CoV-2 virus' genome is made up of about 30,000 base pairs. Humans have 3+ billion. But scientists have so far only found 11 base pair of the virus, out of the possible 30,000. That's why we are nowhere near a vaccine or treatment.

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  • Join our & donate to the PMCARES FUND using contactless UPI payments. Remember no contribution is too small. We'll add ₹10 to everyone's donation. Let's get 10 crore donors &we pledge to add ₹100 crores on top.

  • Netflix mein kuch acha ho toh bata do yaar

  • Best first look - Best title - Best role - Best movie - Best music -

  • The distance our nation will go to achieve social distance.

  • : A cop was allegedly collecting Hafta from vendors amid lockdown. The ASI was commuting in Hoysala No. 88 in Vijaynagar.

  • Hero. Vs politician Action vs talk